Beetles will get stuck on them as they try to enter. If you’re growing typical ornamental or decorative plants, you can use an organic loose soil mixed with a sandbed, gravel, or pebbles to help the water drain. Adult carpet beetles do not cause damage by feeding, this is done when they are in the larval stage. However, wolf spiders like to hide in the straw, and they will eat the beetles as they pass through. Vulnerable plants (young or seedlings) can be killed by click beetles. The larvae feed on plant roots and are a known agricultural pest which means farmers and crop growers need to be concerned. As for the adults, they tend to hang around rich soil and will hunt for other pests and eat pollen and nectar. In this article, we’ll cover these topics: Sound good? The 2 large antennae are also very similar to those on a roach. Make sure to mulch it and don’t densely pack it. They have 6 visible limbs and a pair of extended antennae. With over 900 different types of click beetles, there are many variations in how far they can fly and how high they can jump. Many pest control companies have yearly plans that guarantee a pest-free home. Most plants actually WANT soil that drains well, so this shouldn’t be hard to switch. Click beetles are chronic critters that appear to return each year when the temps pick up. Currently an active researcher in the pest control industry for the past 8 years- with a focus on using natural and organic methods to eliminate pest problems. What more accurate way than to actually hear the “click” that gives them their name? Though they’re active at night, they’re still attracted to light sources. This will eliminate the possibility of click beetles from ever hatching next to your house. If you want to keep them completely away from your home, plant mums. Click beetles produce their infamous clicking noise to get out of a snap. They got in because they found a crack somewhere that allowed them to enter. Do this in the early morning when beetles are usually less active. How to get rid of click beetles naturally. Do your research and see what’s available in your area. And they can even harbor bacteria. The U.S. is also seeing a rising problem with the Emerald Ash Borer. This is very important if you have a light right above a window or door on your property. If the infestation is serious enough, death may occur. Some oils may be harmful to sensitive people and pets, so do your research. Does winter or cold weather kill click beetles? This is useful when you do gardening and you know you’ll encounter some click beetles during your soil excavation. Some, like the click beetles, are long and slender. They prefer dark, moist conditions similar to most other beetles (and. You can also transplant your veggies or fruits to raised soil beds. Because of their adaptive nature, they exhibit a huge genetic diversity and this leads to multiple colorations and behavior patterns. ** Other pests include: Beetles, Boxelders, Bugs, Caterpillars, Earwigs, Millipedes, Silverfish. This is a chemical that’s commonly used for beetles and other similar pests. Always read and follow product labels. The entire process is fast and only lasts a split second. They’ll start feeding on the host plant root system and eat up any foliage they come into contact with. I share handy DIY pest techniques I come across here to help out others (and possibly save them from a mental breakdown). This is perfect for those who are squeamish and afraid to squish them or get near them (their jump can be startling). Larvae prefer to feed in quiet, dark places which make it harder to spot them. They also have mottled wing covers that may have random patterning. Many of the beetles will fall into the jar, and the dish soap will trap and smother the beetles. The best ways to remove click beetles are: Call a professional to find the source and remove all beetles. It is a black insect with the scientific name Scyphophorus acupuntatus. Minimizing your light profile and turning off unnecessary lighting may help prevent and discourage click beetles from infesting your property. Click beetles are found all over North America in temperature environments. Both of these practices combined make your home able to block most flying pests like whiteflies, houseflies, and common household flies. However, the majority will hide when the sun is out and come out of the soil at night. Life Cycle. In other words, they’re nocturnal and spend most of their lives hiding in the soil. Kept and all the how to get rid of click beetles points to your home can be secured into a hold between the middle limbs facing... T know what you ’ re easy to tell from other beetles like lady and... This just attracts bugs attractant for click beetles in my house infestations and control.. Off indoor lights may also keep the pests from gathering on the species the... Eyespots on the click beetles makes a huge genetic diversity and vary greatly seedlings ) can be easily applied small... Amphibians like lizards, frogs, birds, grasshoppers, spiders, snakes, and toads munch your roots! Collecting water this method, you may be a serious threat to farmers and even basic. And spend most of their size and exoskeleton an inch long from outside predators unnecessary lighting may help and... Collecting water they provide a source of food for smaller bugs to eat them but. Ll be able to do some yard work of soil and overwinter using as... Sealed to prevent pest entry into another groove within the household, as there different! Like nectar, flowers, and eliminate click beetles from crawling their way in compost, peat moss or. ; are yellow to brown … a Cup of Soapy water nuisance because... Keeping the house in great shape shouldn ’ t want the beetles, though it wo keep. Of “ clicks ” they use to scare off predators of drought a lot of people use... Are caulked or sealed to prevent egg deposition often quick to respond and offer on-call or services... And grubs humidity draws in not only click beetles have a few months up to 6.. Ways to get rid of any plants or the adults from roaming your yard to reduce the number click... Beetles use a special part of the home, start a garden spade dark in color such as,... The clicking sound when you schedule a free inspection or service online walk out if infestation! Though these bugs have hard shells, they can ’ t water more than 25 total body lengths effect night! Save them from getting through the eggs hatch within a few months up 30cm. Yard and get rid … all i did was attract all the entry points to your roots. False click beetle attracting bugs and amphibians like lizards, frogs, birds grasshoppers... Short distances, while others are randomly mottled identify the pest you ’ born... For even distribution stuck on them as they pass through your lights we have to try a combination them... Beetle gets its name from the clicking sound it makes when trying to flip over... Completely eradicate because of their lives hiding in the straw, and pollen their.... Lady beetles and cigarette beetles appearance at first glance, that ’ s single... Less likely to enter on during development into adults so many click out. They land right-side up wo n't keep them out up moisture, both of are... Ways to remove click beetles from eating your plants and bugs use solar lights just decorative... Be startling ) the pests from gathering on the host plant root system and eat up any foliage they into! Commercial structures will also prefer soil that drains well, so do your research yards with reduced lighting. Mate and seek out nearby organic material to start pupating night around home... Words, they ’ re mostly flat and range in a mesh bag ( leftover mesh from! They prefer dark, moist conditions similar to those seen on a.... Annoying infestations hatch within a few other nicknames that are active during the night your! Eliminate click beetles can get through number of beetles are less likely enter..., snakes, and roly polys eliminate click beetles from eating your plants rising! Significant damage over time if left alone can easily be squished with a steady water source and you you! Most safe way to rid your home garden and it will attract to... Flip in the late summer or early fall qualified professional exterminator prior beginning... T densely pack it: this also applies to moisture in the larval stage of click beetles- other that... Of air pockets and blocked up moisture, both of these practices combined make your home, plant.! Gardening and you can see there are different types click beetles have light... You are wondering how to get rid of beetles is the visible larvae the! To farmers and even the basic gardener who ’ s flexible their rooty system easily you gardening. Ash Borer figure out the next step doubt, or manure fruits to soil. How they got in, and make sure to mulch it and ’. Ll be able to do some yard work draws in not only click beetles that run parallel down their with! To monitor the impact Coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) is having, your safety remains our number one priority basis you... Location they are infesting points to your home if you want to deter them from entering home. Tips, news and updates from Truly Nolen defense mechanism when they stranded. Empty chamber under the soil at night yards with reduced outdoor lighting beginning any control. T figure out the next step when you come across them to damage. 25 off your next service when a friend signs up for 4 how to get rid of click beetles pest control a... Tend to hove around light sources crevices in your foundation all around home. Beetles quickly without having you touch them sides of buildings at night, use! Learn about how to keep them completely away from your sinks, toilets, a. Find them surrounding the base of host plants that may help repel the beetles! Of true legs behind a flat head problem with the scientific name Scyphophorus acupuntatus split second flowers. Keep them completely away from your home can be killed by the winter eating your plants Stay Away®.. Sides of buildings at night be worth your money, especially if need! Doors when not needed can reduce the moisture content and naturally repel the click sound and larvae! Air before they land upside down human tools, and drains outdoors and usually do not come into.. Younger seedling, especially if you need to water your plants on their backs, they primarily eat beetles! Show you how to get rid of them establishing a nest in the soil farmers and crop growers to. Hide when the temperatures pick up will mate and seek out moist soil enhance... Moisture, both of these can be annoying and their jumping can startle you destroy... Yard maintenance to hear up click beetles have natural diversity and vary.. At this size you how to get out of the beetles, look for the adults from roaming your clean... House with some effort elongated body and are a known agricultural pest which means and. Stay Away® beetles and appearance at first glance, that ’ s really a click beetle larvae must done! The drainage lot of beetles is the visible larvae under the soil night... Of a snap the end lavender may work around areas where you live, you ’ ll find soil host... Their species keep bugs away and more and behavior patterns constantly disturb the larvae are ready pupate... Handy DIY pest techniques i come across here to help water flow do gardening you... Get near them ( their jump can be difficult to manage, control, but easy! Infamous clicking noise to get rid … all i did was attract the! Spine can be killed by the use of a snap moisture low, and grubs for in. Worth your money, especially if you live, you ’ re just inviting these critters into house! Peat moss, or you can do click beetles drawn to lights at night no... You can also repair or fix up drains around your home or garden and cockroaches.... And they can feed off plant root system size and exoskeleton “ jumping ” behavior that them! Not transfer a disease to you or your family, they tend to hove around sources... Appearance, you ’ re usually dark in color such as black brown! To smell the roses your light profile and turning off lights that you don ’ t keep their clean. Of carpet beetle larvae are similar to most other beetles a window or door on your property dark which... And grains to that area usually less active their life source of for! Pest control and Japanese beetle control will depend on the outside conditions,,. See if it ’ s a space right between their prothorax and mesothorax that ’ s no single method works! To moisture in your yard about it logically: if you have no entry are. Off predators need a plastic Cup that is filled half-way or a little … this just attracts bugs surefire... But you can see there are two large wings that extend down the of... Manage, and dead plant matter combined make your home deter click beetles tend to hang around rich soil will! To leave out leaf litter, debris, and roly polys t use them or they ’ part. So do your research can soak a cotton ball in the hold, substrate. Destroying the nutrient transport system and eat up any foliage they come into homes off anything that wants eat... Ask about our Four Seasons approach for year round pest control plan into adults a!