Choose from a variety of plasma, thermoplastic, acetylene cutting tips, nozzles and more. Acetylene Cutting Torch Safety Training Tips. Hopefully, you got that. At the end of a cut, angle the torch slightly toward the end of the cut or pause briefly to completely finish the cut. Adjust your speed so that the cutting sparks emerge from the bottom of the metal. This plasma cutting tips reference guide offers several solutions to help improve cut quality. Armed with a fundamental understanding of the process and a couple of simple tips and techniques, he will spend more time cutting parts and less time changing consumables. A dim flame at the end of the cutting torch means there is a fuel leak. Also, “daddy can fix anything” check your solution at the “Blog” section. For safe operation, the oxygen valve should be turned off first then acetylene.  This way, acetylene blows out ay soot that might have settled on the torch. How to Cut Metal with an Oxy-Acetylene Cutting Torch. Move the blue inner flame close to the surface you intend to cut. Adjust until the blue flame stabilizes. Ending Feb 2 at 4:00PM PST 3d 2h. SÜA - Medium Duty Oxy-Fuel Torch with Check Valves, Cutting, Heating and Welding Tips (Acetylene) -... Victor Technologies 0384-2540 Medalist 250 System Medium Duty Cutting System, Acetylene Gas Service,... Commission Hero Review- Is it Worth Your Money? Every Hobbyist Should Go Through An Acetylene Cutting Torch Safety Training Course. To increase the size of the burning flame, adjust the oxygen valve forward. exit cutting torch page and see more on oxy-fuel safety, Tips for Walking the Cup on Socket welds, arc shots, tips, cup size, Home | Contact  | About Me | Privacy Policy | Site Map | Forum | Store, Copyright 2007-2020 $44.00. However, the recommended way suggests turning on the oxygen valve first before the gas fuel. 99. $14.99 $ 14. Do it slowly and allow some gas to escape then tightly close it. get a ball park idea for pressure needed to make the cut. Check the flame while using the torch. 1,465 products. The temperature reached with this kit is 3000°C, the same temperature reached by oxy/acetylene kits. Acetylene Cutting Torch Tips Harris Style Medium Duty 6290 Size 2,2 Pack. Simple, just stand on the opposite side of the valve and release it quickly before tightening again. And with these tips and tricks, cost-savings can be streamlined even further. Cutting torch and worker Are you looking for the essential tips to learn how to set up an oxy acetylene-torch and how to use your cutting torch? In case there is no reaction, then open the oxygen valve and allow the flame to heat the meal enough in order to ignite. Be sure to check back frequently to watch the … I have compiled a list of tricks on how to make a clean cut with a torch. Now, use a wrench to tighten all connections. Check the precise pressure for rig when regularly cutting at lengthy distances from the cylinders. Light the torch. Any foreign contaminants in the valve are blown out. A drag shield helps you to rest the torch on the workpiece automatically maintaining a proper standoff for the torch tip. I remember a booklet for Smith Cutting torches that listed the same tip size for 3/8" and 1/2" thick metal and listed about 40 psi for the thinner but 50 psi for the thicker metal using the same tip. since there are differences in design of cutting torches, there are different settings that work best for each. You can as well depress the cutting lever and keep the preheat flame for some time. What do you turn on first oxygen or acetylene? Alternatively, allow the workpiece to cool naturally. The presence of dust on the valves is likely to cause malfunction on the torch. Minimize the torch angle by favoring a straight angle. An instant violent reaction indicates the steel is already ignited.